Living Well with Diabetes Information Wall

Theme: Talking about Research

Lead: Marian Carey

Theme: Therapeutic Alliance and Psychoeducation

Lead: Yvonne Doherty

Action 1 – current Names against this action: Dr Hamid Mani


Action 2 – current Names against this action: Suzanne Lucas


Marian and Yvonne to explore the feasibility of carrying out a new review on the Cochrane Review on Group based Self-Management Education in Type 2 Diabetes. If feasibility is established , then a global multi -disciplinary group will be convened to carry out the review.


A group to be convened to carry out small scale qualitative work on greater clarity about what self-management looks like for service users and what does it mean to be an active self-manager.



Training and Competencies Workshop

Lead: Sue Cradock

Action – current names against this action:

Alan Archer, Vibeke Stenov, Gitte Reventlov Husted

Sue is currently working on turning the description of a way of being into a set of observable criteria to be then used for training and assessment. Sue will be adding access to these different behaviours and updates on to the website.



Names of people who have expressed an interest in being in the working group: Suzanne Lucas, Florence Findlay White, Monica Harris, Wendy Hardeman